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In 'The Saviour in the Hands of an Angry God' by Paul Tripp, the author attempts to uncover the extreme magnitude of fury that was unleashed upon Christ by the hands of God Almighty on the Old Rugged Cross. In this sermon, the age-old doctrine of Divinely-authored propitiation is brought to light as Paul Tripp raises the lantern of theological truth and shines it upon the mighty text of Isaiah 53, where Christ was smitten by God and afflicted. So great and immeasurable was the agony that Christ endured, as the full weight of the fierceness of God's wrath was poured out upon Him, that the most gifted man or angel could not fully tell of its infinite depths, even if he spoke for eternity. It is Paul Tripp's prayer that this sermon will awaken a dead world and a sleeping church to the extreme sufferings of Christ on behalf of guilty, hell-deserving sinners.


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In 'Who Is God,' Paul Tripp pulls back the curtain of the theological unknown and compels us to gaze through the window of revelation at the infinite holiness of God and the limitless extremities of His glorious attributes and innumerable perfections. Like many theologians in history, Paul Tripp desires to stoke the fires of revival and awaken a sleeping world to the character and person of God. Paul Tripp regards this book as a feeble and finite attempt to show forth the infinite glory of God shining in the face of Christ Jesus.


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