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We preach Christ CRUCIFIED!

Expository Preaching



Providence Theological Seminary was established to train young  men in the word of GOD and solid bible doctrine. We believe the need of the hour is for young men enflamed with the fire of GOD, to carry the torch of the eternal gospel to the nations. Providence Theological Seminary will give young men an advanced understanding of the scriptures, GOD, and hands on ministry. It also will give them a foundation to serve GOD as pastors and missionaries or well studied lay men. If  you are a young man interested in being used by GOD in ministry, Providence Theological Seminary is the place for you. Our burden is to train young men in the gospel and send them out into urban areas and turn them upside down with the gospel. If you have a young man at your church that wants to, and needs to be trained for the ministry send him to Providence Theological Seminary. 


Providence Open Air Ministries is an outreach ministry out of Providence Theological Seminary. Much like the open-air campaigns  during the first great awakening, this ministry was established to take our Mighty 60X60 tent into unevangelized towns and turn them upside down with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The students at Providence Theological Seminary  will be active participants in setting up the tent, preaching, praying and holding open air campaigns across AMERICA. 

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